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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sun Nov 23 12:45:54 ART 2008 receives an steady stream of ICMP echo response packets from and notifies the admin about the anomaly.
Sun Nov 23 17:29:33 ART 2008 The admin begins a non-invasive scan of
Sun Nov 23 17:31:35 ART 2008 As part of the scan, an steady stream of ICMP echo request packets is sent to

No response was received.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out of the Valley of Death


Satoru Takeda, a 58-year old unemployed Gifu man, spend three days without food in a valley off of a mountain road after swerving to avoid running over a bunny rabbit. He was injured, and it was cold, and he couldn't get back up the cliff to seek help, so he just stayed in his car until Day 3. When cops finally discovered him, they found another car in the same valley, with a dead guy inside.

You don't know how long you've been climbing the cliff. It's somehow taller than you thought it was, your limbs weaker, your grasp on the rock uncertain. But still you climb. An eternity later, you reach the top and stumble upon the road.

Right in front of an incoming car. You can see the driver's surprised expression, the way instinct makes him swerve the car when reason would had kept it straight. The car stumbles, skips, squids to the border of the cliff... and falls.

You reach the border in time to see it crash into the ground. Minutes later, the driver leaves the car, injured and confused. You try to call to him, but no words come out of your mouth.

Somewhere beyond the man's crashed car you can see now the wreckage of yours, and your body rotting in the driver's seat.